Get your Christmas gift for Free Only today- eyewear: Shot Evolution

christmas gift- sport eyewear

Get it for FREE Today!

The Christmas gift giving away from Kampanje.no is continuing, today’s gift is a pair of sport glasses- Shot Evolution. No matter you go skiing or riding a bicycle, your eyes need full protection.

Why Shot Evolution gives you the best protection, meet the facts:

  • 100 % Protection from UVC
  • 100 % Protection from UVB
  • 100 % Protection from UVA
  • 98,9 % Protection from Blue Light

Reducing the harmful Blue Light radiation is the most significant benefit that you will get if you have the glasses. Have you seen another pair of glasses that have the same parameters: 98,9 % protection from Blue Light? Probably you haven’t, but the peculiar technology they were made with gives you the chance to have your eyes fully protected!

Not only that, today- 3rd of December, you can have this pair of glasses for FREE! Get them now here: http://www.julekalender.kampanje.no/

And don’t forget to take part in the game for the final prize- brand new AUDI A1 on the 24th of December!


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